Ostarine - 10 weeks - Dermacine/Invictus added


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Ostarine - 10 weeks - Dermacrine/Invictus added

Decided to log my current cycle and share my experience so far. I didn’t want to start the log early on because its painstakingly difficult to keep up to date for myself day by day, week by week. So im starting this log at week 6 but will provide details in summary for the first 6 weeks. Updates to come weekly.

Background: Creature of habit – Would hit the gym regularly. Had some rough times in 2014-2015 Did not hit the gym once in those 2 years. In March of 2016 I was 220lbs, 27% BF, waist size was almost a nasty 38 . Changed my habits and began training once again.
March 2016 – December 2017: typical bro split, bro diet, bro LISS cardio. Dropped to 175lbs, 18.6% BF.
January 2018 – March 2018: Stalled at 173-175lbs 18% BF. NO Changes in those 3 months. Feels bad man.
April 2018 – Decided it was time to make some changes.

1. Hired a trainer and nutritionist -ding!
2. Ostarine, PCT (Clomid)
3. Supporting Supplements
  • a. TUDCA – Milk Thistle - Lecithin
  • b. Iron-Legion Invictus – used in week 4 and 5 – stopped mid week 6 (save for PCT)
  • c. Iconicformulations - Dermacrine - added in week 6 as a test base
The Plan: Run Ostarine for 10 weeks – PCT for 4 weeks, Follow the nutrition plan, track calories, macros, drop the ego lifts and follow the training plan. At the end of my log if im up to it and I am satisfied with what I see I will post the before and after.

The Goal: 170lbs 15% BF – I think this is reasonable and will not force me to overreach. We will see.

Start Date: April 15th
Cycle: 15mg first week, 20mg remaining 9 weeks.
PCT: Clomid 25/25/12.5/12.5
Age: 36
Starting Weight: 175
BF: 18.8%
Height: 5-7

NOTE: BF Stats are being measured with a handheld electronic device.

Weeks 1-3: Other than the anxiety and paranoia in the first week of starting a cycle. There was not much to report here in these first 3 weeks. No headaches or change in mood, libido was fine. Training and diet was on point.

Week 4: Hello Mr. MK2866. There you are.

The Good: Strength is up. I feel stronger and the weights seem lighter. I’m starting to see some changes in the mirror. The outline of my abs can actually be seen. I can see veins on my biceps starting to peek out while pumped. My muscles seem fuller throughout the day. It’s exciting to see these changes come so quickly after stalling out for months.
Stats: Weight: 173lbs and BF: 17.8%.

The Bad: Fatigue is coming and going. Anxiety and sleep issues. I’m noticing a slight drop in libido. D. still works as it should. Adding Invictus to help with the stress and sleep issues that have just started to creep in.

Week 5: Interesting week with noticeable sides and slight changes

The Good: Gym sessions are really good. I feel like I can do more than the plan is outlining but im not going overboard. Just adding in an extra set to a couple exercises to satisfy that need to do more feeling. Body looks the same in the mirror from week 4. Jaw line seems to be more pronounced. Wasn’t expecting that compliment. So it seems the fat is dropping all over the place. Invictus has definitely made me feel better. The anxiety seems to have subsided and sleep is DEEP! Waking refreshed.

Stats: Weight 171lbs and BF: 17.4%

The Bad: I’m feeling slight shutdown for sure. Lethargy is it still coming and going. Libido is down more than the week before. D. still works as it should.
Injury Update: Strained or sprained trap. Not good. This type of injury makes my body and mind feel fatigued so it’s a mental game to decide whats making me feel bad for now.

Week 6: LOL

The Good: One thing I didn’t notice much was morning wood was not as strong in the past couple weeks. I think Invictus is taking care of that! I nearly knocked over a lamp this morning. Libido is climbing UP for sure. Feeling good. More changes in the midsection. I can see fat coming off the sides of my midsection and some pronounced shadowing of my upper abs. Vascularity is showing in my upper body more and more during each workout. I was really worried about “looking smaller” in the mirror but I’m pretty happy with the changes so far.

Edit: Made a change im the middle of this week and am using Dermacrine as a test base and will save Invictus for PCT. 3 days @ 3/pumps so far so I will be able to comment more in depth on the next update...but I do feel good today... :wink1:

Stats: Weight 170 and BF: 17%


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Week 7: So far so good

The Good: Trap strain completely healed. Cardio is going much easier. Endurance is way up. Im hitting my reps a lot easier thats for sure. Dermacrine and Invictus is a definite plus and helping big time with some of the sides. Seemed to be pumped all day. Seeing some exceptional changes all around.

Stats: Weight 169lbs and BF: 16.2%

The Bad: Not unexpected but still feeling a little lethargic in the middle of the day after my dose. A little caffeine seems to help with that

I think I'm on track to hit my goal of 15% BF at the end of this cycle while maintaining as much muscle as possible. I can definitely see that this is happening in the mirror and general comments from others.

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