Oral DS/PH, do they expire? Was planning a cycle but can't use them right now (please


So for quite some time, I've been planning on running a nice 8 week oral cycle. I ran my first one about 8 months ago and had good results but my training and diet is much better now (and I'm at a much lower body fat%)

So I was planning on running very soon possibly April into June, however , my girlfriend is now telling me she wants to get pregnant , as she feels time is running out (she is 33, I'm 32). We just recently got pre approved to buy a house and are trying to get all the closing cost figured out, so right now would be a good time for this.

So obviously, running any type of anabolic will not work well with trying to get her pregnant infact ive read some of these are actually used as male contraceptives. So, basically now I have a whole bunch of Tren/Epi/4 andro on hand and won't be using it indefinitely. Hopefully we can get this bun cooking within a few months , I never used any anabolics long term (I used androgel for 2 !months a few years ago, and ran an 8 week oral cycle last summer).

So what I'm really asking is has anyone held onto any orals for an extended period of time, and used them and they were still effective? Some of the stuff I have is a pain in the ass to get so , Im just gonna hold onto it for a few !more months.

On a semi related question does anyone know if any other supplements/compounds can effect male fertility? I've been alternating between Clen and Ephedrine , I never heard anything about those causing problems. And, when someone runs anabolics, how long does it take to get back to a normal sperm count.

Also, do SARMS also shut down sperm production??

I would really love to run these right now but I love my girlfriend very much and she is starting to obsess over having a child, as she feels she is getting to old. Let me tell you this though .....the second she walks out of the bathroom with the pregnancy test showing she's pregnant, I'll be starting. Possibly within !minutes lol!! But for now I'm going to focus on my diet and training and get my body fat even lower


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Most ph/ds are said to have a shelf life of 2 years+ but epistane is said to have a short shelf life of about 6 months
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