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This is it. Now until Monday at Midnight PST

Get FREE SHIPPING with any pre-workout, Hypnos, or Aggro sale!

Also, ChemX is 50% off for the Last Time

**Only while Supplies Last
This is it. The last time to get free shipping with the purchase of any pre-workout, Aggro, or Hypnos.

THIS IS THE LAST TIME Chemical X will ever be 50% off.

Use coupon code Summer28 to get 28% off your entire order.
Use this code at checkout:
Do you have any idea who Pete Grymkowski is? Me either, but Jamie does.
Jamie's got a new book in the works entitled 365 Days of Brutality! He hasn't started dropping hints about the content, but we will be teasing info on it over the course of the next month. What we do know is it will be in print and electronic formats, and it's gonna be metal as f*ck.
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