(One-Handed) KB Swings: The Magic Bullet We All Have Been Looking For?


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Hi Everyone,

Could (one-handed) KB swings be the minimalist thing we could do to be in shape?

I am hoping for a critique below, with research articles if possible.

1. Here are what principles I can find about KB Swings:

Dan John's research suggests 24-kilogram bells for men, 16-kilogram bells for women.

These weights give enough challenge for resistance training, but also cardio and strength benefits that super-heavy weights would not give. It gives a balance of these three tenets (resistance training, cardiovascular training, flexibility).

Heavier weights would give more strength and hypertrophy benefits, but less flexibility and cardio.
Mucher lighter weights would give more cardio and a fuller range of motion, but not be challenging enough for strength.

2. The minimal effective dose is 100 swings per day. Such work could be done every day, day after day, without serious risk of overtraining.

Many anecdotal videos seem to suggest some modest, yet unmistakably significant, results in posture, strength gain, muscle gain, and fat loss, with only 100 kb swings a day.

3. Dan John's research shows someone could do 1000 swings per day, day after day, for at least 30 days, and not have overtraining.

So, for someone with the energy, 1000 kb swings a day looks like the upper limit, or maybe the maximum limit.

4. If these postulates are correct, I can see the Tabata protocol would be valuable:

20 seconds hard work, 10 seconds rest.
Repeat ten times.

In this way, a 10 swings * 10 sets is done, in only 5 minutes of work.

If calculations are correct, this burns around 300 calories total for the day, plus does all the other great things the Tabata protocol should do.

5. Again, there is plenty of room for more.

6. In my own life, I have been doing at least 100 kb swings a day, every day.

Sometimes, it is more like 200 or 300 kb swings, with the only KB I have (20 kilograms).

So far, I enjoy the progress. My stride and range of motion are better.

Nothing definitely on fat loss. Yet, I notice some areas might be changing, as I can see my shoulder muscle definition better, and chest fat looks like it, too.

Yet, grip strength, total strength, and symmetry are going up. Let me see if I can do more, EVERY SINGLE DAY, for a long period.

7. Any critique for this absolute minimum of fitness that every human being could do?


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What are you doing it for, to stay in shape or to just get better at KB swings? If your answer is just that then great, keep doing it.

If you answer is anything besides that then no, it will not work, no BB or any other athlete for that matter will say “I got this win and physique because I did 100 KB swings a day”.


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To me, I just need a fitness comeback. I want to do something significant, but small and achieveable.

I think 100 kb swings a day will be good, while stuck outside a gym. It can make me ready for the weight room again.

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