Olympus Labs LeGenD done without PCT - ADVICE NEEDED


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I’ve been taking 8mg/day of Olympus Labs LeGenD for about 3 weeks and didn’t do any PCT*

Today I was checking the bottle for the remaining pill and I found out that it is recommended to do a PCT.

It has been about 6-7 weeks since I ended my “cycle” so I need your advice if it still worth doing a post cycle treatment (or anything else: blood tests e.g.)

I think it worth mentioning:
- I didn’t took any anabolic steroids in the past
- my free testosterone level came out 16.46pg/mL (3 weeks after my “cycle”)
- I did not experienced any health problems or side effects during this time
- I don't feel any side effects in the current moment
- I gained about 3kg since starting the "cycle" and 1-2weeks after with proper nutrition, pre and post-workout shakes (then I stopped lifting because of work)

*I bought this at the recommendation of a shop-seller as a “bulking supplement” without knowing what the f*ck is it, I’ve read only the directions for use before taking it - my bad. Usually I don’t buy or take any supplements without doing some research first so please don’t blame me.

Any advice is highly appreciated.


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