No Gym Training #COVID-19


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How are you training legs and working out in general without a gym?
I'm really struggling to find a way to work my legs properly without much in the way of weights.
I have about 35kg on a bar, or I can use a couple of spinlock adjustable dumbbells.

It's just not the same, mentally at least.

Chest I can do push ups, we have an old multi-gym for tricep push downs
Back I can do pull ups but not alot in terms of rowing
Curls for biceps
Side raises
Standing shoulder presses

My biggest problem is not having anywhere to lift properly (wooden floorboards in a flat)
Just have to make do I suppose,
but how are you finding workouts without a gym?


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Tie the dumbells to the bar (with rope or chains) they are not touching the ground at the bottom of your squat.
Do as many reps as it takes to get a workout.
Find some implements - like stones to row with. And to clean and press. A propane tank for instance...

Lucky for me I have a home gym...


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Pistol squats, Bulgarian splits squats(w db’s), Spanish squats and step ups with db’s.

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