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Hey everyone, So I am going to start training with an IFBB pro to get some serious results with a serious competitive diet to get results. I Am not competing but want the physique.

I am doing what he proposed with my orals added in at his intervals. The goal of the cycle was to put on as much keepable mass as possible as quickly as possible.

16 Week Cycle
1-16: Test E 350mg
1-16: NPP 300mg
3-7: 50mg Turinabol
10-14: 50mg Anavar

Goal of the diet was to put on as much muscle as possible without gaining fat of Course. I am just trusting his diet because it looks intense honestly, and tells me he needs me to follow it to the T.

Anyway, I'm wondering how much mass I can expect to keep from this. I was thinking at least 10lb. I honestly don't know how I feel about the high NPP numbers. Feel like my libido may suffer.
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