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Hey forum, merry Christmas!

Looking into running a natty stack to aid in my bulking process. Did some searching through the boards for some stacks but there seems to be a lot of effective products on the market right now. Having trouble creating my own. My current prospects are:

Evomuse bmp+ myosynergy + lgi the natural+ SL granules.

ABE+ Alphamaxx

Any other ideas?


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First, have you ran any of those solo? If not, I would do that first. Otherwise, you will not know what works and what doesn't work. We all respond to different ingredients and supplements differently so running them solo would be first.

If you have ran at least one of them solo before and want to add something else in, that is fine since you can see what is different about this run.

If you're goal is more of a lean bulk, I would definitely consider AlphaMax in your stack. I enjoy AlphaMax during a lean bulk. It can also be used durig your normal bulk, eating way above maintenece, but I believe it shine during a lean bulk.

I have not stacked AlphaMax with any of those before, however, I have ran an (-)epi product before and strength gains were very nice. I think if you're looking for lean mass and strength gains, go with AlphaMax and Myosynergy. AlphaMax and ABE is great for lean mass. You will be dosing F95 towards the higher end. That can be an issue for some, sometimes high doses of F95 can bother one's stomach. That can be combated by dosing with food or slowly introducing the second supplement. For example, if you were going to do an 8 week run of each:

AlphaMax - weeks 1-8
ABE - weeks 4-12

Or you could swap them around.

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