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Hello everyone.
My info
- 23 years old
- 79kg
- 168cm

Exactly 1 year ago i was 91kg, fatter and almost not active at all. Summer of 2018 I started more seriously, training 5-6 times a week, HIIT cardio, weight training, i didnt eat junk/sweet food etc. That was all i done in July, August and the beginning of September and i reached 81kg.

October, November, December (the semester started), i continued with working out and Intermittent Fasting (IF) 16:8. Now my weight is 79kg.

My goal: is to get in shape, i just want to lose weight and be slim. Its okay to gain some muscles but for now i just want to get rid of fat. Maybe 9kg down will be enough to reach the goal, idk. More fat i have on my lower body (gluteal region, thighs) and i really want to peel off the fat from this region.

Now when i started University, i dont have so much time (5-6-7 days a week) to go in gym.. I can go 3-4 times a week (3 for sure!)
So, can you recommend me a training program and cardio schedule to continue?
I was thinking to start with Full body workout 3xweek but i would like you to recommend me something.

Thanks a lot!


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What does your diet look like? You need to monitor your calories and be in a caloric deficit...say around 500Cal deficit/day for steady weight loss. Diet is #1 for losing weight.

Lift heavy to maintain as much muscle as possible while losing fat. Note that you cannot "spot lose" fat. Your body will store fat where it wants to. Shaping the muscles under the fat will help with asthetics in those areas.

3-4 days a week is fine:

Day 1: Back/bicep
Day 2: Legs/core
Day 3: Chest/tricep
Day 4: Shoulders/core

20-30 mins of steady state cardio every time you hit the gym after your workout.

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