my Ostarine cykle, my mucel gain, gyno gain and surgary :-O


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Osta Diet 2017 The aim of the cykle, heal injury and lose weight while building muscle. (knee injury, shoulder injury, pelvic injury)
Day 1 to Day 12
Started with just 10mg for and see the effect, I got a bit stronger in all exercises and lifted heavier then before
Day 12 to 23
Increased to 20mg, lifted heavier then before, feel stronger, the damage is not as much in the way anymore. but do not think this has had any effect on the damage itself but on the muscles around the injuries.
About. day 18 Have a begin and feel strange feelers in the tits ? but do not think there's gyno as it's only discomfort but the gyno symptoms are not there.
Day 24
Lowered to 10mg again and the feeling in the tits is almost gone.
Around Day 39 ??
increased to 20mg, a little earlier and now to 30mg and the feeling in the tits returned fast. The training is on top.
day 47
is now 100% sure that I have gyno, (lump under higher breast plus is now quite sensitive to the chest) therefore starts with Nolvadex 20mg per day and cuts ostarine to 15mg. Nolvadex keeps gyno at bay but not removing it.

Day 50 Stopping ostarine and continue with nolvadex for a total of 29 days Have now read a lot about Gyno and found out that I've most likely had this since puberty. and chance that's why and I got this on the ostarine. Have contacted a surgeon and going to take liposuction and removal of gland, I had a gland in the right breast but its impossible to know if thise is originated from pubberty or now from the ostraine, but since I have been bothered with big tits from a young age, I choose and believe that that was where it originated and that it has lay in hibernation until I started the ostarine.
Without the gyno, I loved being on the ostarine, and I got the little extra I wanted in strength.

So no more Ostarine for me ☹ soo now I need to heal for around 4 weeks with no gym, need to figure out what to do next, don’t want gyno agien in the future!

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