My Experience With B-AET


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I have been tested with elevated cortisol (top of normal range: 45--pico grams, I think) mine was 75.
It was starting to cause multiple problems, such as very bad sleep, constantly getting sick, blood sugar levels that were starting to creep up into the "pre-diabetic" range, lack of recovery from training, depression, lack of energy, slowed metabolic rate, inability to lose body fat, etc. In other words, I WAS FUCKED!

B-AET is the only thing I've found that has really controlled the effects of chronically elevated cortisol. I have not yet had another 24 hr. cortisol test, but I can assure you that it works to lower cortisol, very well.

Of course, I could have opted for brain surgery, if after examination by an endocrinologist, it was found that my elevated cortisol was caused by a benign tumor on my pituitary gland (a common cause of chronically elevated cortisol). So, if the surgeon screws up and damages your pituitary while trying to remove the tumor you become permanently dependent on gluco-corticoids: no thanks!

The other option: control of elevated cortisol with drugs. Again, no thank you: the drugs available have some bad side effects.

With B-AET I'm sleeping much better (combined with glycine, PharmaGaba, and a natural sleep aid), NEVER get sick anymore (Just like old times!), recover much better from my training, and have now , finally, been able to start dropping body fat/body weight again. Depression and cloud head are all but gone.

So, I'm literally dependent on B-AET for my LIFE!


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