My 1st Cycle need advice. Thanks


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Hi, New guy here and thinking of running my first cycle ever. Got some concerns and questions because don't want to screw myself up wanna do it right. I'm 36yrs old 6' 225lbs in pretty good shape no health problems. I work out about an hour a day 4-5 days a week and work outside for a large utility company been lifting since I was 15. My goals are to lean up a bit and try to gain a little size and strength nothing crazy. Would like some help as to setting up a PCT plan I have Nolva available just not sure dosage and when to start. Do I need to run an AI like Arimadex ( which I also have available ) during the cycle don't wanna get man boobs. Also what should I expect in regards to " getting it up after cycle is over " this is a very BIG CONCERN. I have a very demanding wife we have been together since high school and we " go at it " 4-5 nights a week and if I cant get it up she is gonna be pissed.


Sustanon 350: 10-12 weeks (500-700ml per week) sticking twice per week

Anavar 25mg capsules 10 weeks (25-50mg per day)

milk thistle 500-1000mg daily

lots and lots of water

trying for 3000 cals a day but hard to do with the heat and working outside all day.

Noticed there are a lot of mixed opinions on Anavar. Some say it is fairly mild compared to other orals and doesn't suppress HPTA others say it is not mild at bodybuilding doses and does suppress HPTA.

I'm no doctor nor do I play one on TV any help/advice will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


It's a good start. You will want to run Sust for 16 weeks though so you can take advantage of the long ester build up. If running Anavar you will need at least 50mg to see the long term results. Unless it's true pharmy var most would start at 75mg.

you'll need an AI like aromasin and have your PCT layed out and in hand. You might want to run an all-in-1 cycle support along with the thisle.

You'll get arguments against this but when dosed over 250mg Sust is a 1 pin per week, otherwise you get an odd peak trough from the Phenyl-p


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Rather than all-in-one supps, I'd go with individual items. Here's a bullet proof list for BP control, cholesterol & overall arterial and heart health, which are the most important on cycle:

Vitamin K-2
Cranberry extract
Fish Oils

That should do it. Controlling BP keeps the penis working right, btw.


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Thanks for all the help guys I really do appreciate it. Still not sure when to start with the AI and dosage could someone shed some light on this. When do I start the PCT a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks after last pin? Dosage on Nolva maybe 40/40/20/20 more? less? Should I be looking into HCG or Clomid?


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