Muscle Research Pump Juice Extreme



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Flavor - 3/5 Not the best tasting pre, I've had. Very sweet and the flavor itself is light. Drinkable definitely, but too sweet for my taste buds.

Mixability - 4/5 Mixed pretty well, no clumps

Energy - 3/5 During this log, I slowly increased my dosing on this pre. Started with 1 scoop and till now I was using 2 scoops to feel the effects. At 2 scoops energy is good, but it lasts for only an hour. After that it disappears. Although there are some long lasting caffeine forms added to this pre, I didn't feel much change in longevity of effects in comparison to other pres.

Pumps - 2/5 Not the best pre for pumps. Stacking it with citrulline (4-5g) or glycerol (1.5-2) is enough to have perfect pumps.

Overall, I enjoyed this pre. Have given it to several of my friends and they all enjoyed it more, then I did.

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