Multiphase Diet Plan for MAX fat loss while keeping MAX muscle.


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Every year since I was about 17, I've been doing crazy cutting routines to get ready for the summer. I can honestly say I've tried just about every diet and lifting routine out there some being with good results, but most of them only work for a short period of time then stop or burn way too much muscle. I have spent the past few years perfecting a diet that continues to burn fat for extended periods of time while preserving muscle and I figured I'd share. Below I posted the diet adjusted for my stats. I have geared the diet to lose around 1lb of fat a week often adjusting calories depending on how my body reacts. I will be training heavy with 5-8 reps on my compound lifts and 8-12 on my iso lifts. I usually do this until I hit about 6% bf. Last year I added EC stack near the end but I'd like to go w/o stim's this year. I figure it's about that time to start cutting for summer. I will update my results every week.


BMR:2950 Calories

Mon-Tues: (500 calorie deficit)
270g protein, 150g carbs, 65g fat
Notes: Complex Carbs, Healthy Fats

Wed: (GH Boost)
24hr fast
Notes: Continue into Keto no sooner than 24 hours have passed.
(if you ate your last meal Tuesday at 7pm do not eat till 7pm Wed)

Thur-Sat: (keto @ 500 calorie deficit) (anabolic)
270g protein, 30g carbs, 136g fat
Notes: Green Veggies are your friend, Eat a lot of Saturated Fats

Sun: (carb load w/ no deficit) (igf-1 boost)
350g Carbs, 150g protein, 25g fat
Notes: Complex Carbs, Healthy Fats

(Each day's diet is split into 5-6 meals in no particular combo/order.)

4 cups Oats or Brown Rice
3 cups Raw Pasterized Egg Whites
2/3 Cup Milled Flaxseed
15g Fish Oil
6oz Salmon or Talapia
6oz Chicken
3 scoops of Whey Protein (1 scoop pre w/o 2 scoops post w/o)
4-5 Servings of Spinach, Broccoli, Asparagus

(Note: There are huge amounts of soluble fiber being consumed in these days so be sure to drink LOTS of water)

Wed's 24hr fast:
Take multivitamin at morning and BCAA every 3-4 hrs.

Keto Days:
8 Full Eggs Scrambled w/ Butter and Cheese
8 Slices of Bacon
2 Hamburgar Patties w/ Mayo
2 Cups Raw Pasterized Egg Whites
3 scoops of Whey Protein (1 scoop pre w/o 2 scoops post w/o)
1/3 cup Milled Flaxseed
15g Fish Oil
4-5 Servings of Spinach, Broccoli, Asparagus

Carb Day:
Basically eat as many complex carbs as possible with a modern amount of protein and low fat.


Mon- Back,Bi's
Tue- Chest, Tri's
Wed- Off
Thu- Leg, Shoulders
Fri- Back, Bi's
Sat- Chest, Tri's
Sun- Leg, Shoulders
(Work Ab's every other day.)

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