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Greetings AnabolicMinds! I’ve been lurking lately as I’ve been getting into shape- I’ve found so much use from the articles section. I’ve found myself utilizing those more and in the forums less and less.

I’m hitting the big 40 this year. My goal is to hit 40 at my healthiest condition yet. Obviously, as I have been smashing my machine over the decades, I have some advantages and disadvantages. My goal is to be working towards overall high performance health, both physically and professionally.

This is a hello, more than a log. My mentor and dear friend had his mother abducted and murdered. She has not been buried yet as I write, and this process has been hard. Instead of drinking bourbon and crying ( how I can cope), I acted the way my dear friend who had his mom killed would have wanted me to, I didn’t destroy or self- destruct; I have channeled my anger and sorrow into the gym and making a better me. I’m at Day 36 of working out straight, and about to head back to the gym having now done my fasted, moderate cardio, healthy breakfast, now going back to do a fed strength training routine.

To their old timers like David Dunn, the term B5150 has always been on my mind, and reminded me of who I had to become, to be the hero of my own ****ing story.

Thank you for everything you have all shared with me on what’s coming up to be two decades. I fear who I would have been without this site.

Go kick ass and be healthy.

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