MK677 + palumbo bodybuilder keto diet + intermittent fasting routine & results



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Have been on intermittent fasting 8/16 (eat 1st 8 hours of day, don't eat the other 16 hours) for a year. Age = 49, been lifting since my 20's.

Absolutely love it, never felt or looked better, and strength in gym best it has ever been, surpassed all previous records.

On TRT at 210 a week, currently on a 525mg a week test cyp cycle for 8 weeks (3 weeks in) + mk677 25mg every morning to keep my igf-1 at 322 ng/ml (the equivalent of 3.4 iu hgh) each day for the 7 months I use it a year, with a 5 month break from it.

Palumbo keto diet for bodybuilders used every day: 1 to 1.25grams of protein per lb of weight, 0.5g of fats per lb of weight. You can go as high as 1.50grams per lb of bodyweight on Palumbo keto.

Wake up at 5am,

1) breakfast of 6 eggs + 1 tablespoon flax seed oil + 20 gram met-rx protein plus shake

with added supplements of: HMB, bcaa's, 3g CLA + betaine 1.25g + R-ALA 300mg + 4 fish oil + 1500mg arachidonic acid everyday for 1 month, then next month use arach. acid only on workout days (4 caps pre-workout), and alternate back to every day following month, then back to workout days only on month after that, etc. Incredible soreness and pumps with the arachidoinc acid + mk677. It works very well.

Superstack: CLA + betaine:

Betaine gives bodybuilders more muscle and less fat:

New Study Shows Omega-6 Fat Arachidonic Acid Builds Muscle:

"Thirty college-aged men were recruited for the study, and randomized into two groups. The men in the first group were given 1,500 mg of ARA daily, and the other an identical-looking placebo. All men followed a periodized resistance-training program for 8 weeks.

At the end of the study, the group supplementing ARA reported significantly greater gains in lean body mass (3.6 lbs. vs. 0.2 lbs.). They also noticed an 88% greater increase in muscle thickness (.47 cm vs. .25 cm), and added significantly more strength to bench press and leg press (110 lbs. vs. 76 lbs.). Lastly, wingate peak anaerobic power was dramatically improved with ARA (78W vs. 28W), a 275% greater increase."

2) 10am workout + use 5g of bcaa and 3g hmb to prevent muscle breakdown (see ergo-log study):

Told you so: BCAAs are anticatabolic:

3) Lunch: 356g flank steak (80g protein/24g fat/550 calories) + frozen spinach

alternate lunch: 2 chicken breast from Whataburger on a tray by itself (80g protein/500 calories) + 1/2 an avacado = 625 calories

alternate lunch: 5 small thin baked fish from golden corral buffet (75g protein) + small salad

4) Last meal of day at 2:30 = 60 gram (3 scoop) met-rx protein plus shake in ice and water with 1 tablespoon no-carb heavy whipping cream, taste is incredibly good and the met-rx releases protein for a good 7 hours into the fast as a mix of casein/egg white/milk protein/whey

5) running during fast (do 4 laps) for 20 minutes, accelerates fast loss (see study below fasting + cardio = no loss of muscle and over double the fat loss). Take another 5g bcaa + 3g HMB to prevent muscle breakdown during cardio (see ergo log study):

Small amount of BCAAs and L-arginine prevents cardio-induced muscle breakdown:

I've gone from 15% body fat down to 12% body fat in just a few months on this routine, lost/loose 1 pound of body fat plus a week. When my calories were kept at 1800 a day on palumbo keto diet, got in 200 to 240g of protein a day, broke all previous strength records with no carbs, just the 6 eggs for breakfast and met-rx, you don't need carbs to make great progress in the gym!

Even after going down to 12% body fat, I still continue to do the intermittent fasting + running, love the way I feel and look, and the grocery bill has been slashed to only a portion of what I used to pay. Easily maintain and add muscle weekly while dropping even more fat.

Go to the waterpark all summer and get compliments from lifeguards & tourist with the new lower body fat/high muscle, stay at 210lb/12% easily with this fasting/running/eat 3 meals between 6 and 2:30pm, absolutely love it. Made the best gains in gym even with the fasting/running daily.


Rapid weight loss without losing muscle: combine intermittent fasting and cardio:


Experienced strength athletes lose fat by intermittent fasting, not muscle mass or strength:

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In conclusion: additional tips:

* This Palumbo keto diet works great for people who are no longer all that sensitive to insulin. Even though my A1C and insulin are completely normal, I don't respond to insulin like I used to. In my 20's and 30's I could eat whatever I wanted to and still stay super low fat and high muscle, but this changed after age 40. This diet is great for people like myself, women, and people over age 35.

* On the days I workout, I can easily add 2 more scoops of met-rx in water during the fast at 7pm...and it has no effect on the fat loss, which still continues regardless, this late night protein offsets the expended calories from the early morning workout since I still continue to run everyday during the fast whether workout days or not. This gives me an additional 40 grams of protein and 200 calories on workout days for aiding muscle growth.

* 10 almonds are taken with the 2:30 last meal of the day met-rx (3 scoops in water = 300 calories, 60g protein, + 1 tablespoon heavy whipping cream = 50 calories = 400 calories total with the nuts.

* The thirty dollar RENPHO electronic body fat scale sends 8 body measurements to your phone, so you can track bodyfat, musclemass, etc. I used it everyday to track my progress.

* The 14 year master of Palumbo keto diet bodybuilding: Luis Villasenor's interview:


Luis is around 185lbs, myself at 210lbs. As stated on the 1st page of this thread, it's possible to maintain even 240lbs on intermittent fasting, eating just 2 big meals a day.

You don't need carbs to build muscle, I've made the best strength gains of my life without any starchy carbs, my carbs are kept at less than 20g a day.

* I continue to take 3g of HMB and 5g of bcaa's before every meal along with 2 caps of CLA at every meal + 300mg R-ALA and 2.5g betaine a day spread out. CLA + betaine has been shown to result in great muscle gain and fat loss. HMB powder, bcaa powder and CLA caps are super cheap in bulk. MET-rx is a long lasting slow release protein that works for up to 7 hours, always have loved the taste, reminds me of a sugar-free vanilla ice cream, comes in a 2lb as protein-plus. I buy many of these to last me for some time, but I go through them pretty fast.

* My best friend is sugar-free jello at night that I eat during the fast to stay sane. I get flavors in the box like strawberry-banana, it has to sit in fridge for 6 hours, taste is great and it's a great treat at night with no calories. I always add a dash of no-carb liquid heavy whipping cream on top to make it really tasty. This also has no effect on slowing down fat loss.

* The MK677 brings my igf-1 up from baseline of 227 to 322 ng/ml average with a 370 ng/ml reading for the first two weeks, then averages 322 to 325 for the next 7 months. That's when I go off it, as the peak begins to lower after that, my blood work shows the same after 7 months, just like the studies, when the igf-1 will lower from 322 down about 20 points during the 8th month, so that's why I stop using it after 7 months. 4iu of HGH brings me to 380 ng/ml, so 25mg of mk677 gives me a reading of around equivalent of 3.4iu HGH. Luckily, I get no lethargy at all from mk677, so it works quite well, notice around a 25% increase in strength over time with it, just like the studies which showed a 20% increase in strength. Peptides can be used in place of mk677 for those who lethargy from mk677, they also give you the same 100 point avg igf-1 increase according to research on bloods I have found.

The 322 ng/ml average level the 25mg mk677 taken in the morning brings me to is around what most 18 year old adults read in the high range, I'm age 49 so i could not be happier, also it has great nootropic energy effects daily and super sleep, but my sleep was already good to begin with. One of the best things about it, is that it increases collagen synthesis just like HGH, so I have had zero joint issues in the 2 years I have been using it, whereas before I had a couple joint issues. This means you can use higher dosed test cycles with it and not have to worry about joint problems without having to add in deca or primo, etc. for joint relief.

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My stomach growls every late afternoon and night a bit, which is how I can tell I will be loosing additional fat daily, and the electronic RENPHO scale I hop on every morning records the fat loss drop and muscle holding, which is good enough for me. A consistent 1lb of fat a week, sometimes as much as 1.5lb of fat a week, it melts off with keto diet + intermittent fasting + running during the fast for 15 minutes, simply upping the running to 25 minutes or more will cause the nearly 1.5lb of fat a week loss.

danieltx said in another post:

Brad Rowe has been doing intermittent fasting lately and just posted on Instagram about it:


This is the result of almost 4 months of non traditional bodybuilding approach and still sitting at 240lbs!
Since December I have been fasting 16-18hrs a day at least 5 days a week and following a ketogenic diet with refeeds every 10-14 days. This past week I started a 3 week experiment on Carnivore diet and not going to digestive system loves it!!

Obviously his genetics are better than most of us here, but it's possible for really big guys to do intermittent fasting successfully.
Great post danieltx.

I've been doing the 230g protein a day (lots of met-rx daily with the food) and keto as well but have 3 meals between 6 and 2:30PM, not only keeping size, but making good strength gains and adding decent size...even able to add a 40g met-rx protein plus at 7pm on workout days during the fast to help muscle gains and it has no effect on daily fat loss as it makes up for the expended calories during the am workout. My weight is 210 at 12%. I also run for 15 or more minutes during the fasting period each day whether I workout that day or not.

The recent studies posted above with graphs on bodybuilders who used IF added strength to bench press, leg press, arm's etc. that were comparable to those who did not use IF, even exceeding those who did no fasting in many cases!

I found this to be true myself, I've exceeded all my previous strength records during the many months I've used IF with running daily. But do consider that I use TRT/and twice a year 8 week cycles of 525 test a week, and a ton of supplements from 9g HMB daily to 15g bcaa's, 6g CLA and 1500mg arachidonic acid daily on some months, other months just on workout days, perhaps it has something to do with keeping up the strength gains while fasting with running. Not to mention the studies showed no loss of muscle mass when fasting and running together.

To stay sane I eat sugar free jello every night during the fast, I make a box of strawberry banana and let it sit 6 hours in fridge then it is ready for nighttime. A cool keto snack is a bit of cheese melted onto a stack of pepperoni pieces--microwave for 10 seconds--these are called pizza bites and sometimes will add one to my am breakfast of 6 eggs to get my calories up a slight bit for my pre-workout.
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Favorite keto lunch I make after every leg workout day is the following:

"keto tacos" which is simply 80% lean 20% fat ground beef from costco which is placed on pieces of peeled off big lettuce with a little bit of 1-carb shredded 4-cheese mexican on top with a bit of zero calorie taco bell sauce (comes in 7oz bottles for $1 at grocery store)

Lettuce head
taco bell zero calorie mild or hot sauce
255 grams of 80% lean ground beef from costco = 700 calories, 70g protein, 45g fat

Close to no carbs, as no taco shell, the lettuce serves as the "taco shell"

Since I get plenty of fat from the ground beef, on this lunch for example, I would not eat 1/2 of an avacado with it, but save the 1/2 avacado to eat on days that I eat 2 grilled chicken breast. Same with flank steak for lunch, on the days I eat the steak, get around 24g of fat from the steak, so I would not eat 1/2 an avacado on those days either.

The met-rx is always the last meal of the day at 2:30 pm, which is 3 scoops of met-rx protein plus in water and ice with 1 tablespoon of no carb heavy whipping cream = 60g protein, best protein drink ever--just like sugar free ice cream. Best using met-rx since I was in my 20's, contains slow digesting casein, milk protein, egg protein, and whey all in one.
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