Methyl-BLUE: Caffeine Content & Threshold Dosing.

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"Caffeine Dose
& Threshold Dosing"

Caffeine Dose

Methyl-BLUE contains ONLY 200 mg of caffeine per FULL 6 cap dose. I purposely made the product with low caffeine for two reasons...

1.) I didn't want to make another high-caffeine copycat product, which costs pennies to make and offers nothing new.

2.) I wanted people to still be able to drink their coffee...and/or tailor their caffeine dose to their liking.

We all know caffeine works, but do any of us want to pay $40+for what is basically nothing more than a caffeine pill? I didn't think most people would, so I kept the caffeine low and relied primarily on the phenylethylamine class of drugs, along with aliphatic alkylamines, in order to power the product's effects.

By doing so Methyl-BLUE provides an effect different from the typical high-dose caffeine product, while still providing them with the freedom to consume additional caffeine if whatever amount they desire.

We all know caffeine is a powerful stimulant, but tolerance is highly variable--more than any other stimulant on the market. On the low end, we have people who only want to consume 100-200 mg, while others will push it up into the 400 mg (or even more) range. There is a big difference between these dosing ranges, so it was critical for me to limit the caffeine dose to 200 mg per full 6 cap serving. This was the only way to keep those with a low caffeine tolerance from taking more than they want to, while also enabling those with a higher caffeine tolerance to increase their caffeine dose according to their own needs.

So, for those of you out there who want a bigger caffeine all means, go for it. The great thing about caffeine is that one could add 100-200 mg of extra caffeine (either in the form of coffee or pill) and noticeably add to its potency...for literally pennies per dose. This is only possible with caffeine because of its super low cost. There are a lot of guys out there who want to be able to continue drinking their coffee...or who will want to add some pure caffeine to the mix in either powder or pill form. Any of these options is extremely cheap and gives the customer the power to tailor the caffeine dose to their own liking. In the end, I felt it was better to leave the caffeine dose low and allow those with a greater caffeine tolerance to add a bit more, if desired.

Methyl-BLUE Dosing

I want to talk about dosing for a minute. First off, and of GREAT importance, is that Methyl-BLUE has THRESHOLD dose!!!!
This dose BEGINS at 4 caps...but most people will find the full dose (6 caps) to provide the desired effect....and those with a high caffeine tolerance may even want to add additional caffeine, if they're looking for maximum potency.

DO NOT think that you can take 2-3 caps and get a good effect. You won't. 4 caps is "beginner" range...for those with no stimulant tolerance. There is a reason I have the serving size listed on the bottle. It was formulated to be used as DIRECTED. Please refrain from posting reviews on
LESS THAN RECOMMENDED doses, as the product was not designed to provide the desired effect at sub-optimal doses. Failing to do this would be like taking a product with a single capsule as a serving size...dividing its contents into 1/3rd's...and then reporting on its effects. That doesn't give potential customers a fair report. Just because the serving size is 4-6 capsules (out of necessity) does NOT mean that it was designed to be taken at only a few caps. I was forced to use 6 caps as an optimal serving size because some of the ingredients must be dosed in the 1,000+ mg range in order to provide the desired effect.

4-6 caps is the dosing range, with 4 caps being for those with low stim tolerances (particularly a low caffeine tolerance) and 6 caps being better suited to those with a higher tolerance (those who regularly consume 300-400 g of caffeine may want to add an extra 100-200 mg of caffeine to the product). With that said, it is obviously completely fine to use whatever amount of caps you want, but please refrain form doing so and then saying the product didn't do much, as the product is intended to be used at 4 caps for those with a low stim tolerance and 6 caps for those with moderate-high stim tolerances.

The second point one must understand is that Methyl-BLUE is NOT something you can use everyday an expect to continue experiencing its full effects. Why? Because it relies largely on phenylethylamines to power its effects (it contains nearly 2 grams of total phenylethylamines), which build tolerance RAPIDLY. Literally, after 3 days of continuous use, its effects will already be significantly diminished. This is just the way PEA-based compounds are. In other words, if you start out at 3 caps...think you need more, then jump to 4 caps the next day...then 5 caps the next day...then 6 caps the next day, you ill be shooting yourelf in the foot...because eah day you will building a greater and greater tolerance.

Methyl-BLUE is like Vicaine in this regard. It needs to be limited to 3-4 days per week in order to maintain its effects...with a day off inbetween doses...or a maximum of two days in a row before taking a couple days off. Again, this is just how the PEA-based compounds are when used at appreciable doses. Tolerance builds quickly. Fortunately, it doesn't take long to restore tolerance, but days off are REQUIRED. You simply can NOT use this product daily without experiencing significantly diminished effects.

So, I recommend limiting it's use to 3-4 days per week, or every other day, at the most.

I felt this info was important to get out there. Thanks, guys.

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