******Major Announcement: VICAINE BLOWOUT Sale! This is your last chance.******

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Major MA Labs Announcement...


37% OFF!

Discount Code: blowout

Hi, guys. Well, it appears the day has come for one of the most original and effective supplements ever created to make its exit from the market...for good. It will never sold again. This is a SAD day for me and I know it will be for all of my loyal customers as well. Sorry, guys, but my hands are tied on this one. There is absolutely nothing I can do.

This needs to be gone in days, not months, so in order to facilitate a quick depletion of my stock, I am placing Vicaine on sale for 37% off. This brings the price of the product down from $78.99 to $49.76. I have never sold Vicaine for this little, but in this particular situation my loss is your gain. This is no marketing bull-crap. I MUST move this product now or end up taking a total loss. Fortunately, I don't have a lot of bottles in the current batch, so what I do have will move fast, but since I am not sure exactly how many days I have (probably less than I can count on two hands) I need to MAKE SURE it is gone by then.

Link: https://masupps.com/product/vicaine/

Discount Code: blowout

Note: Please do not ask me in the thread why Vicaine is being discontinued. I am sure if you think about it you can figure out what is going on. Thank you.