Low dose Tren E to supplement TRT.


I got the idea from research study discussed here ( Couldn't post the link but the title is "Trenbolone for Androgen Replacement Therapy" ), a bit counter intuitive at first but seems quite interesting.

I am currently on a script of 100mg of (Test C) injected weekly and want to increase the androgen presence in my body to to improve the results of whatever fitness goal I happen to be working on at any given time. I prefer my body to be in a more stable state hence my reluctance to blast not that I'm against it.

So my dream TRT dose assuming sides were not present would be maybe (175-250 a week) on 100mg my test levels are about 450 on the day on injection (lowest point) so I'm really looking to have about 2 1/2 times the androgen fire power kicking around.

I am weighting trying 200mg of test C but would be very interested in experimenting to see if doing 100mg of test and 50mg of tren E might provide more anabolism with less sides. Assume both injected weekly.

The 100mg of test and 50mg of tren would have the same potency of as 350mg of test since tren is 5 times more powerful. I've also heard that tren has other therapeutic benefits and may present minimal to no sides at that dose.


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