Looking for advice on my first pin cycle (Test+winny)


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Hey everyone. Been awhile since I browsed this place. Im back to do some research and prep for my next cycle.

Im 28, been lifting on and off since i was 21. Ive got 3 oh cycles under my belt, hdrol and epi twice. That was years ago though and a lot has changed. Ive been on trt for the last 2 years. Its the only experience i have with pinning aas. Ill have pictures and more detailed body and weights info up when i start and log this cycle.

Ive been working my ass off for awhile and this job will finally be coming to an end in November. Ive been working 7 10 ti 12 hour shifts with minimal days off for awhile now so ive pretty much just been able to maintain what i had physique wise and pretty much stalled out in my lifts. When this ends and ill have more time for myself i wanna hit the weights hard and get looking and feeling strong again.

Ive got decent size with pretty minimal fat still. Im just a bit shy of a very nice 6pack so i dont want to straight bulk but I am still wanting to throw a little more size on if possible. So the goal in mind is a recomp.

With that said i want to up my testc dose from 200 weekly to the typical 500mg. And i think i want to throw winstrol on top. I have the test under control but i have a lot of questions regarding the winstrol portion of the cycle. Ill be actively researching these in my (little) free time but i wanted to throw these up to get some more direct answers in the mean time. So here goes

1. Oral vs. Injectable. Does it matter? Is there any drawbacks or advantages to one or the other? If not i will probably be using tablets so that i wont have to pin as much.

2. Dosing. From what i gathered for cycle like this most people seem to go for 50mg ed orally or 80-100mg IM EOD. That sound right?

3. Length and timing. Im gonna run the test for 12 weeks. Seems everyone runs kickers for 4 to 6 weeks. Should i shoot for that with the winstrol? Should i kickstart the cycle with it or save it for the end portion?

4. Ancilliaries. It doesnt seem like i need anything besides my AI for this cycle. Is there anything i should have on side with the addition of winstrol into things?

5. Joints. Is 500mg testc weekly enough of a wet compound to keeo from wrecking my joints? Ive read other users will throw low dose deca or var on for joints but i really want to keep this cycle to the 2 compounds so i can figure out sides easier. If the addition of something else will make quality of life on cycle significantly better i will definitely consider it though.

6. Lipids. Ive read that winny typically has a negative effect on lipids. Besides keeping my diet clean is there any way to mitigate that damage? I think im genetically predispositioned to high a little higher cholesterol than most because even when ive been at my strictest i cant quite get it down to where most people would consider good.

7. Sides. Im not too worried about liver stress. I dont drink or drug anymore so theres no temptation of that on cycle. Ill have cel cycle support, tudca, fish oil, vitamin d, and my ai on hand to manage others. Honestly my biggest concern aside from lipids is the increased acne when im on. Ive always been acne prone no matter what regime i keep to. Guys got any tips for that?

8. Any advice in general or things you wish you wouldve known before doing a similar cycle would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys. Like i said ill probably start this in december and want to log it so ill be around a bit more from here on out.
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Sounds good to me brother.
I'd use the oral, and run the cycle assist, and Tudca, etc.
In my opinion, you'd probably be happier if you finished with the Winny.


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Thanks broseph.

I was leaning towards that too. That way i can get a feel for where my ai dosage needs to be with the test first and have it dialed in by time i start the winny so im not playing guessing games with which compound needs adjusting

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