Lean Bulk Stack - DMZ/M1A and other


New member
I'm on TRT, have done quite a few cycles before and am looking for a cycle specific to a bulk this time around.

Being on TRT I am able to have 250mg Test/Week so my test base is sorted. However looking at Methyl 1 Alpha (Brawn Nutrition, Alpha 1) or DMZ.

What are everyones thoughts on the them in their own separate ways. I've run Epistane before for 8 weeks and felt like garbage by the end of it, so wouldn't mind keeping the orals to a shorter run.

I'm leaning more towards Alpha One due to its potency in such a short period of time, but DMZ obviously has a big following too and for a reason.

I do have 1/2 bottle of Superdrol, however these are only 10mg caps and I have 25 or so left and to my understanding that's at the low end of the dosage range.


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