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From his facebook page:

Meet recap for @powerlifting_america Master’s Nationals
Man this one pushed me! Coming into this meet I felt really confident & warming up all signs indicated I was READY, then I missed my opening squat (video 1) in depth. That has NEVER happened to me in my entire career
I told myself a lot of lifters would let that get in their heads… I’m going to make sure it doesn’t. @benesgro asked if I wanted to take my opener over (556lbs) or go up. I told him to go up because I knew if I didn’t jump some, I’d get too far behind @mgarozzo_smg
So we took a conservative jump to 573 2nd attempt. Nailed it. Then called for 606 on a 3rd. Buried that & stayed within 10kg. We figured we’d be down by about that much after squats so overall we felt ok despite missing the opener
On my bench opener of 336 they had me re-rack it because my feet were not flat to start. I’m happy that I rolled with it & hit the lift solidly. Then hit a quick 358, & finished with a 3rd of 369 which pulled me to within 5.5 lbs of Mike
For deadlift he opened at 661 & I opened at 633. So I was 33ish lbs behind going into 2nd attempt. We called for the national record of 678 lbs & nailed it. Then Michael called for 683 & got it!

So I was down by 5 lbs going into final deadlift. After some gamesmanship & jockeying attempt selection, Michael called for 689 & missed. I called for 694 which would be the national record & give me the win. As I got fired up backstage I thought about all the amazing people in my life who showed up to support me & what this means to me. I had no doubt I was going to nail it as I charged out & smoked 694 for a national record & M1 national title
What an experience & I felt so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to pull for a win. After going through so many injuries & setbacks over the last 7 years it is so amazing to have another opportunity to pull for a National Title. I’m also proud that I hit some adversity in the meet & didn’t let it rattle me
National champ: 2014-2015 & now 2022-2023
I love this **** and I’m gonna keep doing it as long as I freaking can
Worlds in Mongolia up next in October. Time to reach for another level. I’ll need it
Thanks Powerlifting America for the footage

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