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Has anyone had any experience with kodiak labs or their product grizzled (mk-677)? Just got this the other day and was pretty excited because it was a good deal and in capsules (mk-677 tastes terrible). I’ve taken mk-677 multiple times from different sources and even as low as 10mg I get crazy hunger, lethargy, and sweating. I took doses of 10mg, 30mg, and 40mg of the grizzly with none of these sides. What I did feel was an energy boost and some increased anger. I’m thinking it could be fake and spiked with a prohormone, oral or sarm. If anyone has any info about this product or the company please fill me in.


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There is a thread titled "bear strength" its a ph made by kodiak labs look that up and people Have said a lot of good things about it i have a bottle but have not run it yet.
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