Is There a Single Best Book or Best Guide for TRT?


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Hi Guys,

I am about to be 37. I have definitely gained a lot of weight: some due to aging, some to inactivity, some due to meds.

My testosterone levels have always been 300-350, even though I don't show signs of hypogonadism. I have always been aggressive, put on muscle, etc. I just think I am within ranges, and Asian, hence lower rates of both testosterone and heart problems in healthy populations:

1. Having lived abroad, ten years ago, doctors legally put me on some TRT meds.

These include testosterone gel, oxandrolone, and primobolan depot.

2. Testosterone gel did have a great effect the first few weeks, but later tapered off.

Oxandrolone gave roid rage, even at 10 mg a day.

Primobolan depot, even one vial a week, caused libido issues and some sort of social issues (like going over boundaries).

3. How can I see if TRT is right for me?

In truth, I want it more for cosmetic purposes than needed it for health.

I also worry about causing permanent damage to my heart, fertility, etc.

4. I just see that many people continue their normal lifestyle and exercise routines, yet lose a fair amount of fat, gain muscle, etc.

I would love to look like this "everyman":

3 Months on Testosterone (my HONEST results) - YouTube

5. Any advice?