Is the (Unweighted) Single Leg Deadlift, aka Single-Leg Hip Hinge, the Best Functional Exercise? Too Much of It?


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Hi Everyone,

1. I am getting back into fitness, after being detained for two years.

2. I have only focused on (unweighted) single-leg deadlift/single-leg hip hinge.

3. So far, I have been doing single-leg deadlifts.

Right now, things are something like 10 reps each side, rest, * 3. Essentially "3 sets of 10".

Eventually, I want to work up, each day, until I can do a 10 sets of 10 reps (10 x 10), with only 60 seconds rest each time.

4. Any comments?

5. I know, my posts come across as sounding boards for validation. Rather, I just want to get some discussion going.

From what I have seen over two decades, everyone is always trying new things.

Instead, people like Charles Poliquin, etc. seem simply to have adages based on their learned wisdom.

"If you are getting results, make no changes until progress stalls"

"For someone completely detained, just about anything new will get some results"

"Build the core first, then worry about adding weight"

"Learn to Move Properly, then you can move more, or add more weight"