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Okay so this thread is about the power of the mind. Often times I find myself making unrealistic scenarios out of things. Let me explain a couple years ago I took ostarine for the 1st time from blackstone labs. At the time the product was pctIV. Knowing nothing about sarms I quickly did some more research and come across a forum where a guy said he had vision side effects for ostarine. Little did I know he was referring to andarine. Anyway I continued my cycle of ostarine and at the two week mark I started noticing my vision was getting bad. I was watching tv and the screen was very blurry. I already in my head blamed the ostarine because I though that it was supposed to cause that side effect. Once again because the guy mistakenly said ostarine caused vision sides instead of andarine I believed it and created the reality that supported that belief. I guess the point of what I'm saying is some times compounds really display side effects but sometimes we can create a lot of unrealistic issues for no reason. The mind is very powerful but it's best to use your mind in favor for you instead of against you. Anyway let me know what you guys think.

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