Integrate in Healthy diet: Pea protein, Whey Isolate, Creatine and Peptides


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Hello, All,

I am wondering how I can integrate or alternate in my diet:
1) Pea protein (Now Organic Pea Protein 16g prot)
2) Whey Isolate (isopure - 25g prot)
3) Creatine . (GNC 3.5g cap)
4) Colagen Peptides (vital 20g prot)

My goal is to put mass and if possible Clean mass, i am 50 and currently 72kg for 1.75m (160lb - 5.7") BFP21, and I just lost 8 kilos with Healthy Organic Keto and One meal a day in 2 months.

I am working out 2 days a week (1 day abs-back-bicip - 2 day abs-pect-shoulder-tricyp)

I had different ideas, one is to do 5 meals a day in the days I workout and 2 meals a day the other, however not sure if this will allow me to put mass.

What you guys suggest for an healthy clean bulk!




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I dont think you'll be able to put on much of any size lifting 2x a week. You might get somewhat fit but not muscular. I would suggest going to and find a free workout plan you like. This site can also help with your diet. To add muscle you'll want to hit each muscle group minimally 2x a week. Dont forget to lift legs too! Bare minimum might look like
Day 1 Back, Biceps, Legs
Day 2 Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs
Day 3 Total Body
Then add more days lifting as you progress. Good luck!

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