IGF-1LR3 and T3/Clen


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Have been taking T3/Clen for about a month with keto at night. I have got down to my contest weight and then started with IGF-1LR3. The T3 has made me feel flat for sure. The IGF-1LR3 does get me puffed out on carb nights, but other than that I am not feeling too much. I was not running any AAS with the T3/Clen. Now before you go nuts, I have used it before have not lost any muscle. Took measurements yesterday and everything was the same, just as before. My question is this: I want to stop taking the T3 because of the flatness, but do you think that my body may now put on weight even though I am continuing the clen/IGF? I am currently under my weight by about 3 lbs.
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