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Hey guys, just wanted to hop on here with a few general questions. Does igf need to be reconstituted with AA or is bw acceptable? I’ve seen a few older forum posts saying AA is required as bw will damage the igf and render it useless after a few days. Do I need one or the other, or both. thanks in advance


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If youre the type who'd prefer to err on the side of caution, youll need both. Neither is hard to acquire. You use a small amount of AA for the initial reconstitution, then use BW to dilute the concentration in your syringe upon use.

And youre right, plenty of guys say just using BW is fine, and others will say no use AA (or both). Me...again, AA is easily obtained, and the extra processing steps are like 2mins out of your time. But thats me *shrug*
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