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So I am going to preface this post with this:

I am going to post this in two places with questions specific to that section but the information below will be the same.

GOALS: I am going to start off with this so we are on the same page. I want to lean down and remove the spare tire on my waste. I really dont have fat anywhere else besides my low back/gut. I used to weigh 255 when I was 18 but I cut down to 185 over like 7 months. I have gotten back up to 200 lbs at 20 years old and I want to get back down to around 185 where I can start clean bulking and building some lean muscle. I am guessing I am around 20-25% BF.

Nutrition: I really think this where I am going wrong. Something is jacked up either diet wise, or hormone/test wise. My macros should be in area around 2,200 kcal a day with:

200-220 protein
50-61 fat
190-200 carbs

Now here is the catch, I dont eat that. I get the protein amount but when ever I eat that many carbs I start putting on weight. I think this week I am going to try to eat my macros perfectly and see what happens. I used to eat around this amount when I lost all my weight last year but it seems like something has changed now. My guess is that I am eating too little calories which is causing my body to go into starvation mode and hold onto fat. But thats my uneducated guess.

I thought about doing the IIYFM custom blueprint since it isnt crazy expensive and I have seen people get good results from it. Anyone got any experience?

Supplements: Right now, I take Transparent Labs Bulk and OL Tr1umph before working out. During the workout, I take Transparent Labs BCAA and after I am done I take two scoops of Optimum Nutrition protein. Later that day, I take Muscle Tech Creatine (try to space out caffeine and creatine incase they conflict). Now I have been looking at getting back into a multivitamin as wells as a greens mix but I am not sure yet if I need them.

Workout: So right now, I train 5-6 days a week. I dont like not training because I become lethargic and will either eat incorrectly or just be lazy all day. My workouts are structured like this and take about 90-120 minutes:

Workout A:

Workout B:

Workout C:
Legs and cardio

A week looks like this: Mon-A , Tues-B, Wed- C (or rest), Thurs-A, Fri-B, Sat-Rest, Sunday-A...

My cardio has been lacking but now that I am back home I wanna get back into riding my bike. Not sure on what days and how many days a week I should be doing this.


So now what is specific to this section, where in the nutrition am I going wrong. My fat loss has been stalled over the past two weeks. Something is out of wack somewhere. That's kinda why I wanna do the IIYFM so I have a "coach" to talk to and bounce questions off of. I eat a decent about of veggies (entire bag of birdseye mixed veggies (carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower)) and eat alot of asparagus. I just dont know what to do in order to lose this back fat and gut. My guess is that I am working out with too much volume for what I eat. So heavy calorie deficit coupled with hard training equals no fat loss and little muscle gains. But my calories may not be as low as I think they are. I dont track them perfectly as of late but I am going to do better this week.

So nutrition wise, what should I do? I am going to post this in the supplement forum and write something similar for the exercise area to get those guys opinion.

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