Unanswered Huge New Offer from SARMS4Sale! AUTO SHIP SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE!!!!



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At SARMS4Sale we strive to not only bring the best quality and customer service but to also be INNOVATIVE. We constantly research the market and try to just be better and more innovative than everyone else. Within the next week we will be launching a brand new concept to this market. We will now be starting an auto ship subscription service. You can now select to have your favorite products sent to you on a subscription basis. We will have options for 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 days!! This is a brand new concept and will provide accommodations that have never been seen in this particular genre of business. You will also receive a 20% OFF discount for signing up for this service!!! We strive to be the very best and believe coming up with concepts such as this will set us apart from the rest! Thank you for your ongoing support!

The SARMS4Sale Team


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