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After many requests on various supplement threads HPScience has given you what you’ve asked for! Parøslim is our newest release following the release of Glycøshield and Lipøshield in late 2017 and we’re excited to be offering the strongest available % extract of the popular single ingredient Grains of Paradise standardized to a whopping 15% 6-Paradol in a single 35mg capsule.



We are looking for 3 loggers to run a single bottle (1 month supply) at 2 capsules daily.

Tell us why you’d like to log Parøslim, Ensuring no other fat loss products are being used during the month. Please be willing to post before and after pictures and post updates at least 3x per week. We’d love to know what your training and eating will be like during the log. We encourage you NOT to make changes to your diet or exercise during the log, as we want to show how effective Parøslim is without having to do any additional volume, cardio, or reduce calories, just enjoy using the product and see how it can help you burn that stubborn fat.

About Parøslim:

Studies have shown that GOP standardized to 15% 6-Paradol can improve fat expenditure in a few ways

Conversion of White Adipose Tissue to Brown Adipose Tissue:
When we talk about fat in our body, there is actually 2 types of stored fat. White adipose tissue is all of that stored body fat that you so commonly see around your mid-section. Brown adipose tissue is made up of much smaller cells than white adipose tissue and activation of the Brown Adipose Tissue results in increased fat burning. Studies have shown that the 6 Paradol extract found in HPS Parøslim can convert your stored body fat (White adipose tissue) into Brown Adipose Tissue, forcing your body to use stored fat as energy (burn it off!) The more brown adipose tissue you have, the more white fat your body will continuously use as energy, thus making your daily energy expenditure higher aka a massive boost in your metabolism WITHOUT CAFFEINE OR DANGEROUS STIMULANTS commonly used for weight loss.
This brings us to the 2nd way Paroslim helps us burn fat:

Increased metabolic rate at rest.

Studies show that GOP can also increase metabolism WITHOUT any increase in exercise!

“...SO you’re saying this pill will help me burn more calories without even going to the gym?”

Yes... we are.

A recent study found that 30mg of GOP can increase your daily energy expenditure by almost 100 calories! (Parøslim contains 35mg per capsule). This study found that the increased “browning” of white adipose tissue had a profound effect on fat loss and metabolic rate without any exercise! This means Paroslim can increase your calories burned in a day without worrying about doing any extra exercise.

We suggest 2 capsules of Parøslim per day which would help users burn an additional 700-1400 calories per week just from taking 2 tiny capsules. Why diet and cut calories when you can just take Parøslim?!

3 loggers will be selected by Monday 3/11 so get the apps in FAST! And if you’re not selected, don’t worry, we’ll be offering a similar log op for Innøslim releasing later this month: HPS Innøslim

Must be in US and have a minimum post count of 100 and not running any other weight loss / fat burning products.

Good luck!


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