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Introducing your new, perfect weight management supplement designed to help you burn fat, prevent the accumulation of new fat cells, and help you to get or stay lean without any side effects, harsh stimulants or caffeine!

Lipøshield is a flavorless powder that can be added to any foods or beverages such as sauces, soups, and batters that can block absorption of excess fat and calories. Add it into your protein shakes, pre workouts, or other beverage of choice to transform it into a fat burning, calorie blocking powerhouse!

Lipøshield can be taken year round, day or night, and will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages guilt free!

Lipøshield is safe for both men and women and the ingredients included have been shown to have no short term or long term negative side effects! LipoShield is dye free, calorie free, stimulant free, and side effect free!

Who is LipoShield for?

• Anyone looking to lose body fat and bodyweight without taking “diet pills”, caffeine or harsh stimulants
• Anyone who may be dieting and needs that extra edge to help them achieve their goals
• Anyone who needs help controlling cravings or settling down the occasional sweet tooth
• Anybody who is looking for numerous health benefits without any negative side effects
• Anybody looking to #BeatTheCheat and splurge without guilt, feelings of lethargy, or bloating
• Men & Women over the age of 18 looking to get in the best shape of their lives!

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder, a powerlifter, or a fitness model to get the benefits of LipoShield! You don’t even have to be an avid gym-goer or workout enthusiast; LipoShield will help you achieve your weight loss and health goals without you needing to set foot in the gym because it works enzymatically at the cellular level!

Click to learn more about the ingredients used in Lipøshield!

Directions for use:

For best results use daily as follows:

1-2 scoops in any beverage upon waking up

1-2 scoops prior to a workout

1-2 scoops with dinner/prior to bed

Additional Uses:

Cooking & Baking: Add 2 to 4 scoops into any batter, sauce, or already seasoned meal

Pre-workout Fat Burning: Consume 2 scoops 45-60 minutes prior to activity

Cheat Day Dosing:

Consume 2 scoops in a beverage of choice every 3-5 hours
*Do NOT exceed 8 scoops in a 24-hour period

*Combine with HPScience Glycøshield for maximum carbohydrate and sugar metabolism & support.

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