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Can anyone help point me in the direction of where i can learn how to home brew? Im looking specifically for
-All materials needed
-where to obtain the materials
-the steps taken in the process
-any 'direction some can point' on raws with out breaching the forum rules of providing sources.

UGL labs i've dealt with have been kind of flakey and before my current tren run (Which i thankfully was able to get form a legit source) i wasted over $400 on a test/eq/tren/cialis pickup and half the **** was either bunk or extremely underdosed.
After this current cycle im on i gotta get into home brewing. Also my TRT is way too pricey. $400 for 10 weeks supply of 200mg/week of Test cyp, 20 Arimidex capsules that are .5mgs-which since they are capsules instead of caps, i cant split into .25 pieces which i prefer to take every 3-5 days or when needed, and syringes--which i can get stupid cheap in massive quantities off Amazon. Blood work is free but my clinic 'coaches' seem very out of the loop on a lot of things.
Im thinking if i get into home brewing, i can make my brews to my own personal liking tailored to my needs.
Any info is greatly appreciated.

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