Homemade Pre Workout safeness



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Hello I thought I should make a post to ensure I am on the right track with my home made pre workout made with bulk supps.
The ingredients :
Creatine Mono - 1.5g
L tyrosine - 1g
Choline - 1g
B12 - 1/16tsp
Galangal extract - 750mg

Where it could get complicated : might just take these on their own :

Dendrobium extract - ?
DMBA HCL - 150mg
Pure Hordenine HCL - 50mg
Pure Phenylalanine (PEA)- 500mg
Betanine Anhydrous- 1.5g

Will add L - Citrulline - 2g

What's it looking like?
Also read that THC intensifies PEA 4x
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