Hoggman gets lean and mean with IML Lean AF



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First thing I want to say thanks to Macedog and Ironmaglabs for the opportunity to log this.

I tore a pec awhile back and my bench went to less that the bar. That's right, I couldn't bench the bar.
When could bench the bar, I started training one ten per side and eventually got to where I am now. I did 5X5 with 225 on the Cybex plate loaded bench last week.

I'm currently trying to get my bench back on the regular flat bench by doing pause reps. This should be interesting. I was going to compete at 181 so the goal is to get my weight back to that or lower. I'm currently about 192. Fat Pic coming soon 😜.
I will be doing a TKD/CKD. That's carbs pre and during workout and carbups on the weekends.

At 63 I'm in the 60-64 devision and was all over it before the injury. Will do bench tomorrow.
Starting at 2 pumps per day and 100 mgs of 4-dhea. I may go up to 3 pumps.

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