High Hematocrit/Post Double Red Donation


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I only recently began to really understand what my TRT was doing in its entirety especially on the blood side. My endo was about to lower my test dosage because of high Hct (53) when I started looking for ways to lower it myself. I started combing this sight and found plenty of good information. Started running and about a week and a half ago gave my first dbl red cell donation. Four days after the donation I had my yearly physical and bloodwork which came back all normal with Hct @ 43.

My questions are these. How long typically does it take for the Htc level to rise back up to the higher levels (50+)? Also I've read that some guys are a little tired for a few days after a donation. Being almost 2 weeks I'm still pretty tired whereas before I felt like I could rip a tree up by the roots. Think it's the donation or possibly something else?

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