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So this will be my first cycle of running any kind of peptides whatsoever so bear with me here. I got some 5mg hexarelin on some Memorial Day sale, so I was wondering once you mix it with the 2.5 ml bacteriostatic water then what do you pull it up to to get 100 mcg? I saw it said pull to the 5, but that would be way too much so I’m kinda in need of some help


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Assuming your syringe is 1ml you have 5mg of hex in 2.5 ml which is equivalent to 2mg per ml or 2000mcg for every entire syringe.

The entire bottle of mixed solution = 5000mcg.

Every 1/10 on the syringe is = to 200mcg

Bottom line multiple whatever you pull the syringe back to by 2 and you have your MCG.

So if you syringe is labeled up to 100 you are correct pull back to 5
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