Help with PCT (newbie here)


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Hey all,

So I'm fairly new to this and I need as much help as I can get. I just ran 8 weeks of ICON-11 (11-KT) at 3 ml a day which comes out to 255mg of 11-KT. (That's what I was told) I also took OL's AR1MACARE for The last 4 weeks of being 11-KT. I saw amazing results using 11-KT and am very happy with the outcome.
Now for my PCT I want to know if i am doing this right? I can not get my hands on a pharma SERM like clomid so I purchased REBIRTH by BLR. I also have EXOTHERM by BLR. Should I just run those teo together for 4 weeks or should I also add in OL's SUP3R-PCT? I know my OCT of AR1MACARE had AI's in it and I know SUP3R-PCT has AI's in it as well. Would running SUP3R-PCT, REBIRTH, and EXOTHERM be overkill in the AI department or should I just run REBIRTH with either SUP3R-PCT or EXOTHERM but not both. I want to do this right since I saw amazing results using ICON 11 and I want to maximize my PCT to the fullest. Any help would be gratefully appreciated


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I'd run rebirth with your sup3r and keep the ai on hand. Another thing to add on to your pct to help maximize gains would be a natural anabolic. You could always go with the board sponsors for serms as well.

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