Hello everyone little help please


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I'm going to run test e 625 mg a week and deca 500 mg a week for 10 weeks and d-bol for the first 5 weeks. I came across some anastrozole from a friend. Is it a strong enough anti estrogen for what I'm wanting to do? I have 40 of them I know it would prob be best to take .5 mg a day instead of 1 mg every other day but they are capsules :/ advice please.


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Ok a few things first. Run the test e to at least 14 weeks and the deca to at least 12. They are both gonna take a long time to kick in. As for the adex, I'd either find another source or go the research chem route. Also look into caber for prolactin as deca is a 19-nor. Your dick will prob not work w out it. Hence why ill never try it lol

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