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I am planning to run a 12 week TD Trest cycle with a couple DS this spring. Finally decided after exchanging PMs with 3 knowledgeable guys on here. I got 20x .5mg caber pills, asin, adex, nolva for pct. Edit: bonus question - do you all keep caber in case of a flare up or use it like e3d?

This will be my first 12 week run. Always did 8 weeks PH/DS cycles in rhe past. While i do like 50mg clomid ED to prevent shriveling balls i was thinking of stepping it up with some HCG injections. Sub-q seems to be best and easiest as I dont pin steroids for personal reasons. Also i am not on trt.

Anyway, I have spent the last couple days reading and researching hcg threads. It seems theres alot of people who disagree on the timing, frequency and dose. Just looking for some advice/experience.
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