Have We Had Definitive Studies of Protein Requirements?


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Hi Everyone,

I know we have had debates, etc. about protein requirements.

Of key note is the difference between minimum effective dose, a satisfactory amount and maximum tolerable dose.

For example, a 150 lb man who is not weight lifting could get by with 50 grams of protein if he is not lifting weights, needs 150 grams of protein if he is lifting weights to build strength and muscle, could eat up to 200 grams of protein a day without ill health effects, and anything over 300 grams of protein would be too much under any circumstances.

I used simple calculations such as RDA, 1 gram per pound of bodyweight, etc.

All I can say is that a few simple rules seem to do well:

1. Try to space protein intake across the day; the more, the better. For example, 180 grams of protein in six meals a day is different than eating twice per day.

2. Protein at every meal is a good idea.

3. Animal proteins are usually superior than vegetable proteins. However, using vegetarian protein combining strategically can yield good results, too.

4. Whey protein is the best, especially before and after a workout.

5. The crucial times for protein use are: before a workout, after a workout (with carbohydrates), and before bed.

6. Keeping protein intake is high is a good idea for fat loss or muscle gain. But, make sure the big picture is all set first.

For example, is someone exercising well for their situation?

Is someone eating well, for their requirements?

7. Any studies, etc. that can prove any of this right or wrong?

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