Has anyone done Equinox Personal Training Program to become a personal trainer ?



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Hello, guys !

Just wondering if anyone here has ever done or went through the Equinox training program to become a personal trainer ? What can I expect from it or can anyone share their experience ?

I just signed up in NYC and am really excited for this training.

About me: I have a great career and a doctorate degree in a health related field, although not MD. I make in the low six figures. My previous college background is in biochemistry and science. I don't necessarily see myself working as a personal trainer, at least not yet - but I am more doing this as a hobby for personal development and also to grow as a person and to expand my horizons and knowledge.

I been working out as skinny fat all throughout college running and etc and only about 1.5 years ago after multiple leg injuries switched to weights.

Any thoughts or feedback on the program are appreciated !!!


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Never heard of it but join a group where you can hopefully apply that passion for you hobby in the future. If already employed in the health field join an organization that can keep you up to date and allow you to keep adding and growing as you shape towards a fun hobby.

Im thinking ACSM, NSCA, ISSA, NASM.

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