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Message as follows:

I’m flying blind and wishing to know where to chart my course. I’ve been training for a good 5 years and have established good metabolic rate through mindful diet and training. Supplement wise, I kept it to natural over the counter boosters, pre’s, nootropics etc plus, fish oils, multi, creatines, ashwaganda, bulk protein; carb powders etc. .

I want to hit 100kg.

A fortnight ago (@85kg) I started Test Decanoate 40mg (1x days 1-3, 2x days 3-5, 4x days 5-8, 5x days 8-10)— then Got my blood work...result came in a fortnight

Testosterone: 44.5nmol/L
SHBG: 13nmol/L
Free Testosterone: 1627.7 pmol/L

Current stats (sans 2nd blood work) :
height 6’1” weight 88kg.
I ought have got bloods before the start of any to know base but c’est la vie....

Perusing web articles to make sense of what now might be appropriate in order to sustain, assist and promote this course - health wise, has left me unsure and uncertain on what measure and how best to follow through.

No sides of concern. Although, have in mind to complement the course with an AI? (Oestrogen blocker). Got Danazol but, it’s 200mg....seems excessive from what I’ve read and caps are difficult to split / measure smaller dose.

Currently 25days on Test Decanoate.
Lowered my dosage as it seemed free test (results in toto - exist surplus to needs...)

Wishing to know any wisdom/ thoughts any brothers could provide.
NB: I’ll update 2nd Blood work results within the week. (Early Jan 2020)

Before test Pics attached.

Will post current physique form with 2nd BW.

Appreciated much,


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