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This will be the first time I've ever used a GDA. My goal is a slow and consistent recomp/cut. I'll be eating slightly under maintenance or at maintenance levels.

Stats: 51 years old - 6' 215 lbs Probably 17-18% bf (just comimg off a bit cut with lots or Ursa Major/Flashpoint, Alpha 7, Ultra 11, ThermoAmp, & All Out Sweat and 3-AD.

I took a 4 week break from Ursa/Flashpoint but will be hitting both at 3-4ml each/day. Along with 2 ml of Epichaos daily. My fat burner will be Vital Alchemy's new Shredded stacked with their Fit-throid. Preworkout will be IF All Out Sweat mixed with Daft Pump! I'm also taking Liver XT and Optimize T.

Since I will be offshore I work out not long after waking up before going to work and in a fasted state. Carbs are always on the menu offshore- so I was thinking 2 caps before my mid day meal and 2 caps before my evening meal?

Any other ways I could incorporate this into my regimen would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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