Getting Dem Pumps With Vicious Labs Daft Pump - Mini Log



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First of all big thanks to xR1pp3Rx and Vicious Labs team for hooking me up with a tub of their stim-free pre Daft Punk.

This was my second workout with this pre.

Flavor - ??? I don't know how to describe the flavor. It was good. Slightly sweet, but seriously what is this flavor? :D Though it would be blue razz (as written DERRAZED), but it didn't taste like that. Overall flavor was really good. 8/10

Mixability - 9/10 No floaters, but some residues on the sides of my cup & shaker

Pumps - Great/10 Pumps were solid, but muscle fullness was increased most. I liked the effects at 1 scoop. I think 1 scoop will be totally enough for me. But extra citrulline would be great.

Overall, I enjoyed this pre very much. Will keep updating this log several times.


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