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Hello everyone, its been a solid while since I have truly posted on here. I am just getting off deployment and I am excited to get to dry land and gyms that don’t sway back and forth. I am going to be doing a training log for at least the next year to easily keep track of my workouts/ nutrition and also to enjoy some witty banter.

Back round of this whole ordeal. I used to be in pretty good shape then suffered a minor mental breakdown, got diagnosed with depression stopped lifting for about a year and a half didn't eat didn't sleep, kinda just stewed in a pool of self pity. Got transferred moved across the country fixed most of my issues and then started lifting again going on average 5-6 days a week. Been lifting for over a decade been serious about it for 3-4 years before I had my little mental breakdown. Now I have been back at it for around 8 months.

Anyways here is the training cycle I have planned out thus far.

Cutting cycle (8 weeks)
Pull/Push/Legs routine
3 days on 1-2 days off depending on recovery usually able to use only one day off except when I am pretty deep into a cut.

Pull day
Dead lifts 3x3
Pull downs wide grip 4x10-12
DB rows 4x10
Seated rows 4x10-12
Face pulls 4x20
Reverse flies 4x20
Cable Rope Curls 3x10
Concentration curls 3x10

Push day
Behind the neck press 4x10
Incline DB Bench 4x10
Decline Flies 4x10-12
Dips weighted 4x Fail
Lateral Raises 3x20 (my delts have always responded to more volume)
Tricep pushdowns 4x10-12
Skullcrushers 3x10-12

Squats 4x10 1x20
Leg press 4x10
Lunges 4x50
Hip Thrusts 4x8-12 (slow with pauses)
Leg extensions 2x30
Leg curls 3x10
Standing Calf raises 4x10 (slow with pauses)
Seated Calf Raise 4x10 (slow with pauses)

Cardio/Abs schedule
HIIT 30 seconds on 10 off 12 rounds
4x20 cable crunches
V-ups 4x10
30 minutes steady straight cardio
Wednesday off
HIIT 30 seconds on 10 off 12 rounds
4x20 cable crunches
V-ups 4x10
30 minutes steady straight cardio

2200 Calories
1.2 g/lb protein
Remaining calories will be 50/50 carbs to fat.
I will start at 2300 and dial in my caloric intake, trying to get about a 2 lb a week fat loss.

After the cutting cycle I will be doing around 4 weeks of maintenance and then returning to building up. But I will get that more down on paper closer to the actual date of commencing.

As always questions comment and concerns always welcomed.


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