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I bought the Gaspari Proven Egg protein powder (chocolate flavor) because of I wanted a quality slow-digesting protein and you can't beat nature's most perfect chicken ovulations...the humble egg. A scoop of this baby is supposedly equal to 11 egg whites.

Well let's get right down to the taste; this protein definitely has some eggy texture and taste to it. When I tried it on its own with water, I felt I was drinking flavored egg whites. It wasn't bad but you feel this yolky texture to the protein if you know what I mean. I tried adding oatmeal and Greens powder to it but that albumin saltiness like texture remained.

So then I mixed in a scoop of egg protein powder and a scoop of Scivation pro whey isolate (chocolate lava cake flavor) and wow! What a difference! The thing tastes like heaven! It's almost you're drinking a chocolate shake.

In conclusion, for me at least, Gaspari Egg protein (chocolate) tastes best when mixed with another protein especially an isolate, so you get that quick digesting protein and slow-digesting protein all in one go.

Thanks for reading my review!
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