For everybody who considering Epistane cycle (This Is My 6 Weeks Review)


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Hello guys, first, sorry for my English, its not my native language. I*train about 7 years and this winter I*had my fourth cycle ever (1st in 2013 - Havoc, 2nd in 2015 - HDrol and 3rd in spring 2016 - SARM LGD4033, which was totally fail).

I*decited to try Epistane this winter, because my strength/mass gains were at level zero long time, I*was losing my motivation & drive even though lifting is my life. So my cycle was:

1-6 Epistane (30/30/30/45/45/45)
2-6 Dermacrine (0/3/3/4/4/4)
1-6 Liv52 + Creatine + Fish Oil + Joint Support + Cissus + CEL Cycle Assist

I*will try to write down some most important and most observable things:

1) I*had stable caloric intake (surplus) and water intake, I*trained 6x/week
2) First week I*felt nothing, sometimes I*had dry mouth, nothing serious. Gained approximately 1,2kg (2,6lbs)
3) Second week I*felt nothing, but there was 1 main side effect at this point: GREATER DRY MOUTH. First day of second week I*had little headache afternoon, but it could be my higher caffeine intake that day or just a*coincidence, nothing serious. Gained approximately 1,1kg (2,4lbs)
4) Third week was pretty same as second week. I wasnt sure about some noticable "gainz", but it seems like I am kinda bigger (but it could be just feel in my head). Dryness in my mouth was over (or definitely better at this time). Gained approximately 1,3kg (2,8lbs)
5) Fourth week was great. I*started to see noticable gains, I*was definitely bigger. Gained approximately 1,2kg (2,6lbs)
6) Fifth week was same as week before. Felt great and more muscular. But there was one issue that scared me. At mid of this week I*felt discomfort in my left nipple/breast (little pain when I lied on chest or when I washed my body/chest in the shower). I*was controlling my nipple every few hours, but it was still the same (but not worse) so I*didnt do anything even when I*had ready Nolva. Gained approximately 1,2kg (2,6lbs).
7) Sixth week was decent also. Still felt kinda discomfort in that breast (lump or something like that), but it was less painful. Gained approximately 0,3kg (0,6lbs)
8) During this 6 week long cycle I*gained about 6.8kg (15 pounds). I*weighted myself every damn morning and this number is average. There was about 3,6kg of lean body mass and 2,3kg fat mass (I know It does not come exactly, but those LB and FM numbers are from my weightscale and its very inaccurate, but in the long run you can see on the chart how its going)
9) After 6 weeks no sides at all (except dryness in my mouth mostly on 2nd week) and that breast "issue"
10) After 6 weeks I*realised that after 4th week I*had less savor for sex/masturbation
11) After 6 weeks I*am satisfied with mass I*gained, it pushed me forward little bit, I felt great, my strength gains was pretty solid also
12) After 6 weeks I*gained about 2 centimeters in stomach area, but I*also gained 1,5cm on my arms, and my arms still looking pretty good, not watery at all.

I*know Test with something would be much better cycle and maybe less harmful, but injections are big no no for me). So, I*would recommend epistane for people who lift long enough and have nutrition, rest and training on point. It can definitely push forward anyone, but I*would not spend money on that If I*would dedicate to that 50%...)

Today is my first day of PCT and my goal is not lose more than 2-3 kilograms (4.4 - 6.6 pounds). I*will still have the same amount of calories and training days with same intensity. Feel free to ask my anything. I woult not post pictures of my form or something, I want to be private, thanks for understanding. Hope this topic (my review) will help anybody :)


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PCT - 1st WEEK
Average weight in first week of PCT was about 0,9kg (1,9 lbs) higher, so that was really cool. That lump thing is still there :-( I think its better, but I cant get higher doses of my Nolva, because I have doses just only for 4 weeks (20/20/10/10). But I have a Clomid, do yall think its fine idea to get some Clomid into my PCT too?

PCT - 2nd WEEK
And right now, unfortunately, I must show some sadness :-/

My 2nd week of PCT just ended on sunday. So like I said before: Average weight in first week of PCT was about 0,9kg (1,9 lbs) higher. Now: Average weight in second week of PCT was about 1,9kg (4,1 lbs) lower than 1st week of PCT, which is also about 1kg (2lbs) lower than my weight on last week of my cycle. And there are 2 more weeks. So yea, I think this is the biggest problem with Epistane - sustainable gains. I am not changing anything, still training hard as f*ck and really didnt change anything. This week I will try to get more weekly calories and I will see what happens


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I increased calories like crazy, because every damn day is my weight lower about 200g even my intake of food is high as hell. It was not my plan, but I want to keep as much as possible

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