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Fat loss is an important goal for achieving the body that we want. Whether your goals are based on performance, attractiveness, or overall health, losing fat can help you run faster, look better, and feel great. While there are many purported fat burners on the market, none have been formulated by carefully combining the best ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work together synergistically – until now. That is why Performax Labs is proud to bring you FitMaxTM, the fat burner designed using cutting-edge research to help you achieve your body composition goals. With scientifically-backed synergy like the patented, proven ingredient Teacrine combined with caffeine, FitMaxTM will promote optimal fat burning while providing a clean boost of energy throughout the day.
• Teacrine – Derived from tea, this natural purine alkaloid promotes cognitive enhancement, providing clean, all-day energy.
• Caffeine – A popular stimulant with fat burning effects, it also increases the concentration and effectiveness of Teacrine when combined.
• Carnitine – Carnitine is an essential transporter of fatty acids into mitochondria where it can be metabolized and used for energy.
• Choline – An essential brain nutrient, choline can improve saturation of carnitine in muscle tissue to optimize its fat burning potential.
• Citrus Aurantium – Bitter orange is a natural source of synephrine, which has been shown to enhance weight loss via increased calorie burn.
• Rhodiola rosea – A popular adaptogen, Rhodiola has demonstrated synergistic benefits with Citrus aurantium, resulting in enhanced fat loss and neurotransmitter action.
The keys to this formula are in its precise combinations of ingredients backed by science. For example, Rhodiola rosea provides anti-stress and adaptogenic benefits that pair perfectly with the neurotransmitter enhancement of Citrus aurantium. Therefore, the effects of both are enhanced so that more fat is burned, and the increased clarity and focus feel cleaner with no side effects. Overall, the result is optimized body composition with a focus and energy boost that is clear and long-lasting. If fat loss is your goal, then choose the science and synergy of FitMaxTM.

Ingredient Profile

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
Carnitine is essential for the body to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria to be metabolized. Not only will the mitochondria function better overall with supplemental carnitine (which equals better metabolism), but more fat will be transported and burned.
• Malaquarnera et al. (2007) showed that supplementation with carnitine can reduce fat mass while increasing muscle mass in subjects.

Choline Bitartrate
Choline is an important brain nutrient that serves as a precursor to acetylcholine. Supplemental choline improves weight loss, and it works synergistically with carnitine to keep carnitine levels high in muscle tissue for metabolic optimization.
• After one week of choline supplementation, weight-class athletes (martial artists) were able to rapidly lose weight in a safe manner while strength remained intact (Elsawy et al. 2014).
• Daily et al. (1995) determined that combining carnitine with choline supports tissue maintenance of carnitine and reduced excretion to enhance fat mobilization and optimal metabolism.

Olive Leaf Extract (Std. to 40% Oleuropein)
Olive leaf extract has shown potent fat loss properties through a variety of mechanisms. Not only can olive leaf increase thyroid hormones, which regulate metabolism, but it also increases uncoupling proteins, which activate production of brown adipose tissue – the fat-burning fat cells!
• Shen et al (2014) showed that olive leaf extract can reduce body weight, reduce fat in the blood and can positively affect many thermogenic and adipogenic (fat-causing) genes.

Rhodiola Rosea (Std. to 3% Rosavins and 2% Salidroside)
One of the most popular adaptogenic botanicals, rhodiola is typically utilized to reduce fatigue and improve cognition. Recent evidence has shown that its anti-stress mechanisms work synergistically with other compounds to supercharge weight loss.
• Verpeut et al. (2013) demonstrated that Rhodiola rosea and Citrus aurantium have synergistic effects on belly fat (30% decrease), food intake (10.5% reduction) and neurotransmitters (15% increase in norepinephrine and 150% increase in dopamine), compared with the effects of either compound alone.

Citrus Aurantium Extract
Citrus aurantium is a natural source of p-synephrine, which is a molecule similar in structure to ephedrine. By itself or in combination with other compounds, p-synephrine has demonstrated effective weight loss in multiple studies.
• In a meta-analysis, Stohs et al. (2012) discussed the evidence validating Citrus aurantium as an effective weight loss aid, specifically regarding increased metabolic rate and energy expenditure.

Fucoxanthin (from black seaweed extract)
Fucoxathin is a carotenoid pigment found in brown and black seaweed. As a fat-soluble molecule, it is stored in fat cells for long periods of time, where it can beneficially induce fat loss and reduce fat cell differentiation and proliferation.
• Abidov et al. (2010) observed that 16 weeks of supplementation with fucoxanthin resulted in significant weight loss and increased energy expenditure (calorie burning).

Caffeine Anhydrous
Caffeine is the most widely consumed “supplement” in the world. A well-known cognitive enhancer, its effects on adrenaline, fat burning, and increasing metabolic rate make it a must in any fat-burning formula.
• Astrup et al. (1990) observed that supplementing with caffeine can increase metabolic rate by 32.4 kcal/hr, and increase fat burning.

N, N-Dimethylphenethylamine Citrate
N, N-Dimethylphenethylamine is a trace amine that modulates various neurotransmitters, similar to DMAA, with which it shares many structural similarities. Due to its specific chemical structure, N, N-Dimethylphenethylamine is safer than DMAA while still providing a powerful boost in focus and mood.
• Multiple in vitro and in vivo studies observed how phenylethylamines can increase dopamine secretion both (Sotnikova et al., 2004; Ishida et al., 2005).

Teacrine (40% Tasteless Theacrine)
Teacrine is a naturally-occurring purine alkaloid that provides an excellent boost of energy and focus with no jitters or side effects. Additionally, it has shown synergy when combined with caffeine.
• He et al. (2017) demonstrated that 150 mg of caffeine combined with 125 mg of Teacrine increases the maximum plasma concentration and area under the curve of Teacrine, with no negative effects on serum caffeine levels, resulting in synergistic benefits.

Hordeum Vulgare (std. to Hordenine)
Hordeum vulgare is a naturally-occurring source of hordenine, an alkaloid that is a trace amine active in the central nervous system. As a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor, it increases the bioavailability and action of noradrenaline, thereby improving energy and focus.
• Frank et al. (1990) demonstrated adrenaline-like effects of hordenine in vivo, which support evidence that hordenine activates noradrenaline and its reuptake in an ex vivo model.

Huperzine-A (Huperzia Serrata 1% Extract)
Huperzine A is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which means that less acetylcholine is metabolized, so high concentrations remain in the body. Acetylcholine in an important neurotransmitter for many parts of the central nervous system, but especially at the neuromuscular junction.
• Kozikowski et al. (2003) demonstrated the high affinity of huperzine A to inhibit acetylcholinesterase and that it works as well or better than commonly utilized pharmaceuticals.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract (std. min. 90% rawolscine)
Rauwolfia is a natural source of rawolscine, which is a molecule very similar to yohimbine. It acts as an alpha-2 adrenergic antagonist, which induces elevated mood and energy, and weight loss.
• Perry et al. (1981) showed that rauwolscine functions as an alpha-2 adrenergic antagonist, which leads to noradrenaline release which can support weight loss and improved energy.


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